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    What are the skills procurement lead seal?
    Article source : Shandong qingyun junchuang and lock co., LTD., Add : 2017-12-15 Pv:

    Container Seals are seen as a sign of security, people are gradually paying attention, let us look at how to choose to buy container seals it. As a senior seller we think we should look at four aspects:

    1 to see the material, different lead seal materials, different materials, different prices, container seal with a high security seal, bolt seal,plastic seal, wire seal, meter seal, padlock seal the basic material is PP, PE, nylon, etc., we are PP + PE quality is better 2 to see the surface workmanship, the general surface treatment of electroplating, spraying and coloring three. Good quality seal surface will be electroplating treatment

    3 look at the functional design and key components, too many types, to see which specific product. 

    If there is a need to container seal Shandong Junchuang Lock can provide you.

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